AP Law lawyers are experienced in advising clients on how to start and grow businesses. We assist private and public companies, large and small, with entity formation, transformation, exit strategies, and business disputes. AP Law works with clients to choose or transition to a form of entity uniquely tailored to address their current and future objectives, as well as advises on limitation of liability, tax planning, management and operations, and profit-sharing.

As a company is formed and matures we encourage clients to develop proper documentation that may not ordinarily be their highest priority in the early stages of their business. It is essential that new and growing businesses specifically outline the key responsibilities and roles of the business owners and managers, including written procedures for running their business efficiently and managing disputes. With proper planning in place, a company is better positioned to handle the unexpected challenges that face maturing businesses. We also provide strategic advice (and dispute resolution) regarding corporate structure, employment, shareholders, licensing, distribution, executive compensation and exit strategies.

Aspects of business formation, transition and exit include:

  • Forming LLC’s, C corporations, S corporations, benefit corporations, joint ventures, and partnerships.
  • Developing general corporate (entity) governance documentation such as LLC operating agreements, corporate bylaws, shareholder and membership agreements (including buy sell provisions), board and LLC meeting minutes and procedures, and registration rights agreements.
  • Negotiating and solving owner and management disputes.
  • Developing strategies to sell or exit the business.

Entity Formation

AP Law provides practical, strategic advice to emerging companies and their founding teams, as well as existing companies looking to form subsidiaries or other business units. The strategic advice covers corporate structure, employment, shareholders, licensing, distribution, executive compensation, and exit strategies. We represent our clients in negotiating and documenting the formation and governance of business relationships, partnerships, and joint ventures with other companies.


AP Law advises clients in all types of financing as they seek debt or equity capital to operate and expand their businesses. Our experienced attorneys are able to provide clients with sophisticated legal advice and documentation on their most complex and challenging funding matters.

Strategic Planning

We can provide professional assistance in formulating and implementing business plans and strategies, such as new venture planning, acquisition and expansion plans, strategies for divestiture of non-core or non-performing segments, succession planning, and exit strategies. In the role of a trusted advisor, our experienced attorneys serve as part of the management team in devising the strategy and overseeing its implementation.

Succession Planning

For family-owned and other closely held businesses, we work with the company and its owners to structure and implement a succession plan for the transition in ownership and management to the next generation or to the other partners. The plan for each business is custom designed based on the particulars of the business and the individual dynamics to protect the business and preserve key relationships.

Exit Strategies + Execution

At the opportune time, we work with our clients to plan for and execute their exit from the business they built and operated.