AP Law has a long history of representing clients in arbitration and brings the depth of its litigation skills to acting as counsel for clients in arbitration. Having been involved in dozens of arbitrations, both as counsel and as a deciding arbitrator, AP Law understands how arbitrators are selected, the procedure that governs, and how to present your case most effectively. We have deep familiarity with all types of arbitration from single person and multi person panels to panels with party arbitrators, both within the United States and internationally.


Barbara Polich has a long history of arbitrating commercial, business, technical, and employment disputes as a complement to her litigation practice. She has been a listed neutral on the national panel for the American Arbitration Association since 1994. Although often the sole appointed arbitrator, she frequently is appointed as part of a panel of arbitrators. In acting as an arbitrator, Ms. Polich marries her substantive and procedural knowledge, her practical experience, and her litigation background.


AP Law will provide a case assessment for parties engaged in arbitration and/or consult on procedural and other matters as they arise. This assessment can range from an assessment of the legal issues, the form of case presentation, review of the pleadings, or an evaluation of a mock presentation of the evidence.


We can also advise on the use of arbitration clauses in contracts and how to optimally draft arbitration clauses to best effect the parties’ intent. Too often parties to a contract consider standard clauses as sufficient without regard to the disputes which may arise, discovery and other procedural considerations, or the applicability of state or federal law.